Belaruskali may resume shipments to Brazil

Belarus is considering the resumption of supplies of potassium chloride to Brazil, said Ambassador to Brazil Sergey Lukashevich.

According to his statement, potassium chloride was shipped at the best price of 60% cheaper than similar products from Russia and Canada.

“It’s impossible to replace Belarusian potassium chloride in Brazil since it accounts for almost 20% of the Brazilian market. However, on February 1, 2022, its transit to Brazil through the traditional seaport of Klaipeda (Lithuania) was stopped by the decision of the Lithuanian government for fictitious political reasons,” said Sergey Lukashevich.

He stressed that the measures taken by the Lithuanian authorities against the transit of potassium chloride are not related to the current situation in Ukraine.

The only producer of potassium chloride in Belarus is Belaruskali, which is currently under US and European Union sanctions.

Source: Sputnik Lithuania

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