GMCO agronomist revolutionized fertilizer application with Nitro-Mag mixture

Fresh green soybean plants with roots

Marcus Dennis, Lead Agronomist at GMCO and no stranger to agricultural innovation, crafted an efficient fertilizer solution about six years ago. It was on this day he sought a product that encapsulated everything essential for plant growth. Utilizing his wife’s blender, Dennis created a mixture that he subsequently stored both in the refrigerator and freezer to test its stability. The next morning, to his satisfaction, the product maintained its composition. This experiment paved the way for the inception of Nitro-Mag.

According to Dennis, Nitro-Mag provides plants with a form of nitrogen that they can assimilate directly. This spares the plants from expending energy through photosynthesis to produce the element, leading to increased yields at harvest time.

In the agricultural sector, where costs, especially those of fertilizers, can be prohibitive, such innovations are invaluable. “Fertilizer is a significant expense. Precision in its application is vital – you need to know the exact quantities of nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium required,” elaborated Dennis.

Dennis’s pioneering work took place in York. A mere 50 miles west, GMCO is constructing a new facility to accommodate the growing demand for Nitro-Mag.

While current production occurs in Hastings, the increasing demand has necessitated GMCO to establish a larger plant on Old Potash in Grand Island. Bryan French of GMCO disclosed that upon completion, the new establishment could churn out up to 10 million gallons of Nitro-Mag annually. French emphasized the strategic importance of the plant’s location, particularly its accessibility to major railroads, including UP and Burlington Northern. Such logistical advantages enhance GMCO’s operational efficiency, allowing the company to choose the most cost-effective transport options.

The groundwork for the Nitro-Mag site began in June 2023, with completion projected for June 2024. This facility is set to cater to a broad area, spanning a 350-mile radius around Grand Island, ranging from southwestern Minnesota to Oklahoma’s panhandle.

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