Towngas plans to turn food waste into gas and fertilizer

The Hong Kong and China Gas Company, known as Towngas, is enhancing its production of renewable and clean energy by utilizing food waste. The company’s efforts have led to significant environmental benefits, as evidenced by the landfill gas utilization projects in three Hong Kong landfills. These projects have resulted in an annual reduction of nearly 200,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to the impact of planting about 6.1 million trees.

Dating back to the 1990s, Towngas has been proactive in collecting landfill gas from Shuen Wan, Ta Kwu Ling, and Tseung Kwan O landfills. This gas is then used as a feedstock for producing energy, effectively turning waste into a valuable resource. In addition to these efforts in Hong Kong, Towngas’s subsidiary, Hua Yan Environmental, located in mainland China, has also made significant strides. Operating since 2019 in Suzhou Industrial Park, the subsidiary has processed over 330,000 tonnes of organic waste. This process has resulted in the production of more than 13 million cubic meters of natural gas.

The project employs anaerobic microorganisms in an oxygen-free environment to break down organic waste, which is then converted into fertilizer, while also producing landfill gas as a renewable energy source. These initiatives reflect Towngas’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in energy production from waste materials.

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