Enomondo’s soil improver certified by Italian Composting Consortium

Enomondo’s innovative soil improver, crafted from waste products of the agri-food chain, has received the prestigious “CIC Quality Compost” certification from the Italian Composting Consortium (CIC). This certification marks a significant endorsement of the quality of this organic fertilizer produced at the Enomondo facility.

The soil improver, known as ACFA, is made from processing residues of Caviro Extra. This company specializes in recovering waste from the wine supply chain of the Caviro Group, along with waste from the broader agri-food industry and public green prunings provided by Herambiente. This certification adds to the range of soil improvers produced by Enomondo, enhancing the company’s reputation as an innovator in sustainable agricultural solutions.

Lella Miccolis, President of the Italian Composting Consortium, expressed enthusiasm about the award, stating, “We are happy to award the first CIC mark for the soil improver composed of waste from the agri-food chain to Enomondo, which has proven itself an innovator in proposing this new solution of sustainability and quality to its customers.”

The ACFA soil improver is produced by recovering the digestate left over from the production of advanced biomethane, which Caviro Extra generates from by-products of the agri-food chain. After extensive testing, the residual sludge, which was initially used for agronomic spreading, is now transformed into a high-quality soil improver in a new facility. This transformation occurs through the addition of prunings and a composting process.

Giovanni Ferrucci, commercial manager of Enomondo, highlighted the practical benefits of the ACFA soil improver, particularly for flooded agricultural lands. “The distribution in the field has shown that the use of ACFA allows for a reduction in the use of chemical fertilizers by up to 50%, with consequent benefits for farmers and the environment,” Ferrucci explained. He further noted that the organic substance in ACFA helps recreate a fertile environment in areas where flooding has deposited silt and caused land asphyxiation, making it especially valuable for the recovery and restoration of these lands.

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