NewHydrogen shares insights on green hydrogen’s future

In a recent podcast hosted by NewHydrogen, Inc. (OTCMKTS:NEWH), CEO Steve Hill engaged in a comprehensive discussion with Dr. Gordon Rausser, an economist from the University of California, Berkeley, about the burgeoning sector of green hydrogen. The episode provided in-depth analysis on the economic, policy, and technological factors driving the green hydrogen industry, which is projected to attract nearly $12 trillion in global investments by 2050.

During the conversation, Dr. Rausser emphasized the pivotal role of technological innovation in reducing production costs, which could make green hydrogen a viable alternative to fossil fuels. “Creating the right policy landscape and incentives is crucial for accelerating green hydrogen adoption and mitigating climate change impacts,” he stated, underscoring the importance of strategic governmental and market responses to the evolving energy landscape.

The discussion also touched upon the significant role of research and development (R&D) in overcoming current cost barriers and promoting sector-wide innovation. Dr. Rausser advocated for enhanced collaboration between public and private entities to boost R&D efforts, suggesting the formation of consortiums to maximize synergies and address coordination failures effectively.

Highlighting the versatile applications of green hydrogen, Dr. Rausser pointed out its transformative potential in sectors such as agriculture, energy production, and even space exploration. He particularly noted the importance of green ammonia, a derivative of hydrogen used in fertilizer production, as a key area for cost reduction and market expansion.

Dr. Rausser also discussed the geopolitical and economic implications of regional hydrogen production, emphasizing its role in enhancing energy security and promoting economic resilience, especially in regions prone to supply disruptions.

Concluding the podcast, Dr. Rausser expressed optimism about the future transition towards a hydrogen-powered economy, citing the need for collaborative efforts and innovative solutions to hasten this shift. He also invited listeners to explore his upcoming book, “The Curation of Smart Governments,” which delves into effective governance and policy frameworks for sustainable development.

The full podcast episode with Dr. Gordon Rausser is available on the NewHydrogen website.

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