Martin Engineering introduces new conveyor belt cleaner

Martin Engineering has unveiled its latest innovation, the SQC2S Orion Secondary Cleaner. This new conveyor belt cleaner is engineered to handle the stresses of heavier loads, wider and thicker belts, and higher speeds, while reducing dusty carryback and lowering maintenance efforts.

The design features individually cushioned tungsten carbide blade cartridges that ensure effective cleaning without jeopardizing the belt or its splices. Its two-tiered tensioning system allows for minimal adjustments and monitoring over the blade’s lifespan, simplifying maintenance routines.

Dave Mueller, Conveyor Products Manager at Martin Engineering, highlighted the cleaner’s robust performance in challenging conditions. “We field tested the Orion over several months in harsh mining environments against competitor designs, and it significantly outperformed them,” Mueller reported. Following the successful test phase, many customers began replacing their existing systems with the Orion, signaling a strong endorsement for this new design.

Secondary cleaners are crucial for minimizing carryback of dust and fines on the belt return, which can lead to environmental and operational issues, such as air quality violations and increased labor for cleanup. The Orion is designed for bulk handling applications and features a slide-in/slide-out assembly for safer, quicker external servicing by a single worker.

Each blade in the Orion unit is part of an assembly that automatically adjusts to the belt’s profile, compensating for irregularities and ensuring precise cleaning. The blades are designed for durability, particularly in abrasive environments, whether dry or wet. They include a deflector shield to direct loosened materials away from the conveyor and toward the discharge chute, reducing buildup and extending blade life.

Mueller emphasized the dual tensioning system and independent blade adjustments as key innovations. “The Orion represents a significant step forward in our secondary cleaner line. Its innovative design reduces friction, prevents wear on splices, and adjusts to belt imperfections,” he explained.

Martin Engineering is committed to improving conveyor efficiency and safety without compromising belt integrity. The Orion cleaner not only offers versatile and adaptable solutions for different bulk handling scenarios but also prioritizes workplace safety with its easy-maintenance design.

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