Lloyd’s Register partners with H2Terminals to develop UK green hydrogen infrastructure

Lloyd’s Register (LR) has announced a partnership with H2Terminals Limited and its supply chain partners, HiDROGEN and D3IM, to explore the feasibility of a green hydrogen infrastructure in the UK. This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) focuses on the development of a floating production and transport system for green hydrogen, leveraging the natural resources of wind, wave, and solar energy.

The project centers on constructing an offshore energy plant approximately 100 kilometers from the coast, intended to produce green hydrogen on a floating island. This hydrogen will then be liquified and shipped to a terminal on the Thames Estuary near London. Subsequently, it will be distributed via barges, which will be converted into electricity and hot water. The process will also yield byproducts like liquid nitrogen and oxygen, with installed batteries on the barges storing the electricity for distribution.

A key component of the initiative is its alignment with the Thames Estuary Growth Board’s action plan, which seeks to attract investment and stimulate development in the region. The project not only supports the local industries but also contributes to the broader goal of decarbonizing supply chains and fostering economic growth at both regional and national levels.

The MoU covers various aspects, including technological assessments, development of asset designs, and qualification of containment systems designed to safely store and transport liquified green hydrogen at temperatures as low as -253C. It also outlines an assurance program for the involved technologies, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and safety requirements.

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