A new fertilizer has been developed in Ghana

Scientists from the University of Ghana and specialists from HJA Africa have developed a new organic fertilizer under the Organic Farming Aid brand, which can increase crop yields by at least 40% and at the same time fight against fungi. It is suitable for growing tomatoes, peppers, onions, carrots, cocoa and mangoes.

“This product is a relatively cheaper way for farmers to increase the yield size of plants and it will offer access to affordable fertiliser that will make sustainable improvement to agriculture in Ghana,” declared the Chief Executive Officer of HJA Africa, Mr Henry Abraham.

He confirmed that in one trial Organic Farming Aid had given a yield increase of over 40 per cent and had outperformed a standard NPK fertiliser although it had cost ten times less than the NPK equivalent. And in another trial, Organic Farming Aid revealed its effectiveness against the major maize pest, Fall Army Worm.

Source: Business Ghana

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