Geospetsstroy aims to enter the global market

The Geospetsstroy company, engaged in the extraction and processing of sapropel, has become a resident of the Tyumen Technopark.

The company applies technology that allows it to produce pasty sapropel. At the same time, throughout the entire production cycle, raw materials do not interact with the external environment, therefore preserving the useful properties of the finished product.

The Geospetsstroy was launched in 2019. Despite the youth of the company, Geospetsstroy is already a leading enterprise engaged in the extraction and processing of sapropel in Russia. In the first year of the operation, the company extracted and processed more than 20 thousand tons of valuable organic material.

“Our goal is to enter the global organic fertilizer market, the volume of which is about $6 billion. Our products are competitive and certified in accordance with both domestic and European standards, as well as Eurasian Economic Union standards. Currently, we are looking for investors, and we count on the Tyumen Technopark in this matter. The company requires additional financing for the development of the project,” said Yuri Levanzin, Head of Geospetsstroy.

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