PhosAgro develops a promising digital system

PhosAgro-Region (part of PhosAgro) and Exact Farming have created a digital system for monitoring the effectiveness of the use of mineral fertilizers.

Russian farmers need comprehensive systems, which monitor the condition of fields and provide a professional expert evaluation in the area of agricultural production. The important element in the system is digital space monitoring, which shows the whole picture in the fields from the ground.

PhosAgro-Region began the development of the agricultural support system in early 2020 together with Exact Farming. The system monitors the state of crops, helping the agronomical service to prepare recommendations for adjusting the mineral nutrition of plants based on the remote sensing data, analysis of spectral vegetation indicators, meteorological data, and information from farms.

PhosAgro fertilizers will be supplied with an NFC system, which will automatically collect necessary reliable information. The NFC marks are scanned by an ordinary mobile phone, which sends information to the satellite agronomic monitoring system, linking a specific fertilizer to specific geo-coordinates. The analysis of data on the results of the use of mineral fertilizers in different regions of Russia will automate the selection of mineral nutrition for various combinations of crops and agrometeorological conditions.

“The availability of such full information in one application helps the farmers to evaluate the effectiveness of the applied nutrition systems and either independently or with the use of automated tools adapt them for the agronomic conditions of specific fields,” said Maxim Zatochny, Director of PhosAgro-Region development.

Another advantage of the NFC system is the ability to control the delivery and application of PhosAgro mineral fertilizers along the entire logistics chain “from plant to field” to minimize losses or theft of fertilizers during transportation.

“This approach also makes transparent the production chain from raw materials to mineral fertilizers to consumer. Therefore both market participants and consumers can be sure of the high quality and safety characteristics of goods marked with the Green Standard sign,” said Andrey Vovk, General Director of PhosAgro-Region.

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