Belarus is ready to ship potassium fertilizers through Russian ports

According to the statement of the Minister of Transport and Communications of Belarus Aleksey Avramenko, Belarus is ready to discuss the transshipment of potassium fertilizers through Russian ports.

“We will test these routes on the example of oil products and will be ready to discuss these issues with our colleagues. There are not only potassium fertilizers but also timber cargo and cargo of the machine-building complex,” said Aleksey Avramenko. “This issue requires a deeper and more detailed study in terms of capacities and port infrastructure.”

The Minister of Transport of Russia Vitaly Saveliev confirmed the readiness of the Russian side to consider the possibility of transshipment of Belarusian potassium fertilizers through the ports of Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

“We will also consider the transshipment of other products manufactured in Belarus,” he noted.

Source: Interfax

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