Russia may build a new terminal to process fertilizers from Belarus

As the Deputy Minister of Transport of Russia Yuri Tsvetkov reports, the Russian Ministry of Transport suggested Belarusian producers build their own terminal for shipment of mineral fertilizers in one of the Russian ports.

“We are currently discussing this issue. Representatives of the Belarusian government and business helped us to track the chain of transportation of these goods. Across the territory of Belarus and Russia, the railway is used, then the cost of transshipment in ports and the cost of freight are also taken into account. During the negotiations, we were also comparing the fertilizer transportation tariffs introduced in Minsk on September 29 this year with the Russian rates,” said Yuri Tsvetkov.

The Deputy Minister also added that Russian Railways already provides a 50% discount for Belarusian colleagues. At the same time, the cost of transshipment in ports is often higher due to the lack of long-term take-or-pay contracts.

He stressed that it’s not planned to provide any discounts on the cost of transporting Belarusian goods from the state budget. Besides, the Russian authorities will offer Belarus to build their own terminal.

Source: TASS

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