Uralchem develops partnerships with the Turovsky greenhouse complex

Representatives of the Uralchem trading house took part in the presentation of the first harvest of the Turovsky greenhouse complex (Moscow region).

The Turovsky greenhouse complex is a strategically important partner for Uralchem. The complex pays great attention to the promotion of its special products and, particularly, fertilizers for protected ground. Cooperation with the Turovsky greenhouse complex is a mutually beneficial partnership. The greenhouse complex will not only have a reliable supply channel for high-quality fertilizers but will also be supported by experienced agronomists on the selection and application of fertilizers, and optimization of the nutrition system of cultivated crops. Uralchem, in turn, can gain a deeper understanding of the business structure of the protected ground enterprises and receives the most modern basis for testing and promoting innovative technologies for protected soil.

It worth noting that the product portfolio of Uralchem is constantly being replenished following the latest market trends and the requirements of farmers.

“Today the greenhouse business is actively developing, and the demand for premium fertilizers by these farms is growing. Our company is expanding cooperation with the protected ground enterprises and increasing the share of sales of premium products such as concentrated calcium nitrate and potassium nitrate. Interacting with the Turovsky greenhouse complex, we study the market as a whole, work out our methods and predict our further actions to promote our products and services,” said General Director of the Uralchem trading house, Yuri Voronin.

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