Russian farmers were advised to purchase fertilizers in advance

As the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia reported, Russian producers of mineral fertilizers are ready to fully satisfy domestic demand, however, farmers should purchase fertilizers in advance to avoid the rush.

“Producers of mineral fertilizers are ready to fully meet the increased demands of our farmers,” the Ministry said, noting that this year 1.7 million tons were supplied to the companies, while another 590 thousand tons were contracted. The farmers should conclude contracts for another 770 thousand tons in the near future to completely cover the needs of spring field works.

“It’s beneficial for fertilizer consumers to conclude contracts in advance (about six months before the start of the new season). It’s much cheaper, and chemical companies give discounts when working directly. And most importantly, this way the consumers can avoid the rush just before the start of works, which is used by intermediaries,” stressed the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

They also noted that over the past five years, the total volume of fertilizer supplies to the Russian agricultural producers increased by more than 1.5 times to 4 million tons (2.6 million tons in 2015). In February, the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia indicated the need for this year at 4.5 million tons against the previously planned 3.8 million tons.

Source: TASS

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