Ovoshi-Chernozemia got fined for breaking environmental legislation

The Ovoshi-Chernozemia greenhouse complex (Lipetsk region) was fined for almost 3 million rubles (approximately $41.5 thousand). Earlier, the Lipetsk environmental prosecutor’s office inspected Ovoshi-Chernozemia for compliance with environmental legislation. The inspection found that from January to February 2021 Ovoshi-Chernozemia discharged wastewater with an excess of the standard content of pollutants in the river Usman.

The environmental damage caused to the river amounted to about 3 million rubles (approx. $41.5 thousand). Since the company abandoned to pay voluntarily, the prosecutor’s office applied to the Court with a claim to recover the fine.

The Court agreed with the position of the prosecutor’s office and satisfied their claim. The prosecutor’s office took control over the execution of the judgment.

Ovoshi-Chernozemia is part of the agro-industrial holding Eco-Culture. The area of the greenhouse complex is 86.2 hectares with a production capacity of 61.43 thousand tons of vegetables per year.

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