LKAB wants to produce phosphorus fertilizers

The Swedish mining company LKAB based on the results of exploration conducted at the developed iron-ore deposits intends to extract rare earth elements and produce phosphorus fertilizers.

“Although LKAB mines iron ore, there is potential for the production of phosphorus fertilizers,” LKAB says.

The ore deposits developed by LKAB contain rare earth elements and phosphorus in apatite. Although the phosphorus content in them is about 0.6%, according to LKAB experts, it’s enough to meet 50% of Europe’s needs in phosphorus (and 30% in rare earth elements).

“We do not need to develop a separate mine to extract these elements. Nevertheless, we need innovative processing technologies,” said Leif Boström, Vice-President of LKAB.

To produce rare earth elements and phosphorus fertilizers, LKAB plans to organize an industrial park in Luleå and Skellefteå.

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