Purchases of mineral fertilizers are increasing in Chuvashia

The sowing of winter crops in Chuvashia is in full swing. 38.3 thousand hectares or 36.5% of the planned level have been already sown in the Republic.

According to the statement of the Acting Minister of Agriculture of Chuvashia Alina Semenova, 105 thousand hectares are planned to be sown with winter crops for the harvest of 2022. Over 100 thousand hectares were sown last year. The soil under winter crops has been prepared on an area of 87.8 thousand hectares.

“The future harvest largely depends on the quality of the soil cultivation and application of fertilizers,” said Alina Semenova.

As follows from the statement of the Acting Minister, the farms have purchased 16.6% more fertilizers compared to the same period last year. As of September 1, agricultural producers of Chuvashia purchased 20.463 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers, while by the same date of 2020 they acquired only 17.549 thousand tons.

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