PhosAgro-Region and South Ural Factory Magnesium Compounds signed a cooperation agreement

PhosAgro-Region (part of PhosAgro) and South Ural Factory Magnesium Compounds (SUFMC) signed an agreement on cooperation in the supply of magnesium fertilizers. The document was signed by Andrey Vovk, CEO of PhosAgro-Region, and Oleg Sitak, CEO of SUFMC, in the presence of the Governor of the Orenburg region Denis Pasler.

Within the framework of the agreement, the parties plan to develop cooperation to provide Russian agricultural producers with magnesium sulfate, a mineral fertilizer that accelerates plants growth, increases their resistance to diseases and weather changes, and, as a result, improves crop yields and quality. At the same time, magnesium sulfate does not harm the soil. The feature of this fertilizer is the impossibility of overdosing, as, during the growing season, the plant takes from the soil exactly as much element as it needs, and the single application of magnesium sulfate improves the yield for several more seasons.

“According to our studies of the needs of agricultural producers — clients of PhosAgro-Region, high-quality magnesium sulfate is in high demand among both large agricultural holdings and small farms. And as follows from the estimates of Russian scientists, in some regions of the presence of PhosAgro-Region, magnesium deficiency is observed in two-thirds of the arable area. We expect that with magnesium sulfate of SUFMC, which will be included in the composition of plant mineral nutrition systems based on eco-efficient phosphorus and complex fertilizers of PhosAgro, we will increase the yield on each hectare of arable land and, as a result, the profitability of plant growing business of our consumers,” said Andrey Vovk. “Same as other products for farmers, magnesium sulfate of SUFMC will be stored at the PhosAgro-Region warehouse complexes near agricultural land throughout Russia, which will allow it to be promptly delivered to the fields following the needs and the fieldwork schedule.”

“We expect that cooperation with PhosAgro-Region, which has the largest regional logistics infrastructure in its industry, will allow us to stabilize sales, overcoming the problem of the remote location of our production facilities from the largest consumers of products and without taking into account the seasonal fluctuation of the agricultural business,” said Oleg Sitak.

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