Yara and Kyushu Electric Power will cooperate to supply power plants with ammonia

Norwegian producer of mineral fertilizers Yara International (hereinafter Yara) and Japanese energy company Kyushu Electric Power have signed a cooperation agreement to create the ammonia supply chains for coal-fired power stations located on the island of Kyushu.

Within the framework of the agreement, partners will deal with the delivery of ammonia and develop systems for receiving and distributing it between thermal power plants, where ammonia will be burned (apparently, instead of coal).

Japan is expected to import 3 million tons of ammonia by 2030 and 30 million tons by 2050, thus ensuring the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and achieving the country’s carbon neutrality by 2050.

Ammonia doesn’t emit carbon dioxide when burned and is considered an efficient energy source in the future. At the same time, ammonia is a nitrogen fertilizer used in agriculture.

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