Andrey Guryev congratulates PhosAgro staff with company’s 20th anniversary

PhosAgro is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Over two decades of the company’s history, PhosAgro has been demonstrating steadily growing dynamics of strong production and financial results, integrating the principles of sustainable development and socially responsible business conduct into the company’s daily activities.

PhosAgro CEO Andrey Guryev congratulated the employees on the anniversary: “Thanks to the close-knit team of like-minded people, the entire many thousands workforce of PhosAgro, the company has passed through a profound transformation over these 20 years. The continuous modernization of production facilities using the best available technologies has allowed the company to strengthen its leading position in the Russian and global phosphorus fertilizer market.

From just a fertilizer producer, we have become a provider of turnkey solutions for guaranteed high yields. The production volume has almost tripled since 2001 and for the first time exceeded 10 million tons last year. The sales of mineral fertilizers to the key Russian market have also set a record of 3 million tons.

Due to the company’s own research base and partnership with leading research centers of the country, PhosAgro has increased the number of fertilizer brands by more than 10 times to 54, including innovative brands with micronutrient elements.

It’s important that throughout the 20 years of PhosAgro’s history, aspects of sustainable development are our key priority. Our goal is to ensure global food security by supplying eco-efficient fertilizers to farmers around the world that are free of harmful to soil and human health concentrations of cadmium. Our progress in this area is confirmed by high marks from reputable international agencies.

All this opens reliable opportunities for the future development of the company. I’m confident that we will continue following the growth policy, increasing production and financial performance and implementing social and charitable programs.”

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