Stans Energy will develop a potash deposit in Komi

The Canadian company Stans Energy has signed a cooperation agreement with the Russian TradePromService to purchase the Yakshinskoe potash deposit (Komi).

Stans Energy and TradePromService agreed to jointly implement the project. They will calculate the reserves of the Yakshinskoe deposit and prepare a bank feasibility study and pilot industrial tests of the potassium-magnesium salts processing technology.

As of today, the predicted resources of sylvinite in the Yakshinskoe potash deposit are 189 million tons, carnallite – 935 million tons with the content of potassium chloride of 23.9% and 13.9%, respectively. In-situ leaching can be used as a mining method.

“The reached agreement provides an opportunity for Stans Energy and its shareholders to start developing a world-class deposit,” said Rodney Irwin, Acting President and CEO of Stans Energy.

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