Rizobacter aims to increase its share on the global soy inoculant market

The Argentinean company Rizobacter, with a 23% share of the global soy inoculant market, intends to maximize its market share in the coming years.

According to its specialists, the level of application of soy inoculants in Argentina is very high — about 90% of the seeds are treated with them. However, in other countries, the situation is quite different. Soy inoculants are mostly used in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Ukraine, Russia, Romania and Canada, and the least used in the USA, South Africa and Turkey. Therefore, there is potential for business development in the future.

“The growth depends on several factors. Inoculants are environmentally friendly products. They prevent soil degradation, improve the quality and yield of crops. At the same time, these benefits are coupled with strong demand for food products that meet the strict regulations of those countries that aim to reduce the use of fertilizers,” explained Matías Gorski, Manager of Rizobacter. “Today there are many problems and opportunities. We will work on increasing the number of products to have a greater market coverage.”

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