Uralchem in 2021 increased the production of its marginal brands of fertilizers

Uralchem has reported the results of production activities for 2021: production output increased by 2.8% to 6.493 million tons.

Its enterprises Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers and Perm Mineral Fertilizers exceeded the last year’s results by 15% and 12%, respectively. The new ammophos workshop No.1 of Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers produced 146 thousand tons of NPKS 15:15:15:12 and increased the production of monoammonium phosphate 12-61 by 25.5 thousand tons. The output of monoammonium phosphate 12-52 was declined by 38 thousand tons due to a shortage of phosphoric acid because of the launch of new lines for the production of monoammonium phosphate 12-61 and NPK 15-15-15. The completion of the overhaul at Perm Mineral Fertilizers helped to increase the carbamide output by 7.2%.

Kirovo-Chepetsk Chemical Plant (KCKK) and Berezniki Azot almost achieved the results of the previous year. KCKK reports an increase in the production of calcium nitrate by 36%.

The output of other types of fertilizers has been reduced along with the reduction in the output of nitric acid due to the limited rolling stock.

“Uralchem is systematically increasing its performance results. Simultaneously with the modernization of existing production assets and the digitalization of the workflow, the product portfolio is constantly updated and expanded. Our competitive advantage is the flexibility of production, which allows us to maintain an effective production balance focused on current demand. Environmental safety of production and the rational use of energy and natural resources remain one of our priorities,” said Dmitry Mazepin, General Director of Uralchem.

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