Local deliveries of mineral fertilizers in Russia overtake exports

The Russian Fertilizer Producers Association (RFPA) reports that in 2021, the export of mineral fertilizers from Russia increased by less than 10%, which is half the rate of their sales in the domestic market.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, last year agricultural producers increased their purchases of mineral fertilizers by almost 20% to 4.7 million tons. Taking into account the accumulated resources, the total volume of purchases increased to 5 million tons.

“The domestic agro-industrial complex has always been a strategic priority consumer for the Russian mineral fertilizer industry. Agrarians of our country annually purchase more domestic mineral fertilizers than any of the almost 150 countries importing Russian products,” said Maxim Kuznetsov, Executive Director of RFPA. “Plan of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia for the purchase of mineral fertilizers by farmers in 2021 was overfulfilled. The plan for the supply of fertilizers to the domestic market approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia in 2022 is being fully implemented. The most demanded by farmers mineral fertilizer — ammonium nitrate — is currently used exclusively for the needs of the Russian agro-industrial complex and the mining industry.”

According to the forecast of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, by 2025 the domestic agro-industrial complex will purchase at least 8 million tons of mineral fertilizers. Maxim Kuznetsov reports that taking into account the plans of the Ministry, RFPA members have allocated about 2 trillion rubles (approximately $26.5 billion) of capital investments in the expansion of production for the next 6 years. As a result of the investment activity of RFPA members from 2013 to 2026, the industry’s capacity for the production of mineral fertilizers will double.

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