Bashkiria officials expect fertilizer prices to rise starting from May

The sowing campaign in Bashkortostan has seriously risen in price this year, said the Minister of Agriculture of the region Ilshat Fazrakhmanov.

“Prices for mineral fertilizers have risen drastically. For example, carbamide now costs 60 thousand rubles per ton (approximately $785). The rise was caused by the shortage of natural gas in Europe and the jump in prices for it. Fertilizer prices in Russia are currently fixed until May 1, 2022. Therefore, it’s necessary to stock them up before the agreement expires. Since May, prices for mineral fertilizers will go up,” said Ilshat Fazrakhmanov.

First Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Bashkortostan Ramil Nuriakhmetov noted that the short-term loans will be the main source of funds for spring sowing. Loans have to be taken on commercial terms until the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia allocates additional funds to resume preferential lending. After this commercial loans can be reissued on preferential terms.

According to the statement of the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Bashkortostan, Irik Surakov, there is much concern about seed supply in the region. It’s currently sown just two-thirds of the required volume. At the same time, some farms have seeds for sale.

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