Moldova refused to compensate farmers expenses on mineral fertilizers

The government of Moldova will not compensate the farmers’ expenses for the purchase of mineral fertilizers, said Vladimir Bolya, the country’s parliamentary deputy.

“The costs of fertilizers will not be compensated, since our budget has no financial opportunities for this. It was decided to allow farmers to take loans for rolling stock instead,” said Vladimir Bolya.

Earlier, the government imposed amendments to the National Fund for the Development of Agriculture and Rural Environment. Farmers were outraged by the fact that the government didn’t take into account partial reimbursement of the costs of mineral fertilizers, the prices for which have risen sharply.

“We asked to compensate for 30% of the cost of mineral fertilizers based on purchase invoices but this wasn’t even discussed. If there won’t be sufficient moisture in the soil, while the areas under autumn crops will be half their normal value and we won’t be able to apply enough fertilizers, the country may face a large shortage of products next fall,” said the representative of the farmer association, Ion Plamadeala.

Source: Noi

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