New player comes to the global market of biological solutions

American Bioceres Crop Solutions and Marrone Bio Innovations have agreed to merge to consolidate their global market capabilities. The deal brings together Bioceres Crop Solutions’ expertise in crop biostimulants and Marrone Bio’s innovations in biological plant protection and plant health to become a global leader in the development and supply of sustainable agricultural solutions.

The agreement will bring a new player operating in 45 countries around the world. The new company will include plants and research centers located in the US and Argentina and will promote drought tolerance products for wheat and soybeans and bioherbicides.

“Our merger has the potential to accelerate our global reach, product portfolio and research and development programs,” said Kevin Helash, CEO of Marrone Bio Innovations.

The merger of Bioceres Crop Solutions and Marrone Bio Innovations should be completed in 3Q2022 after receiving all necessary permits from government agencies.

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