Rice harvest in Russia may fall by 45%

This year, the rice harvest in Russia may decrease by 45% (compared to 2021) to 600 thousand tons, the information and analytical service of Fertilizer Daily predicts.

A decrease may be caused by the dam collapse in the Krasnodar region that happened on April 22. A temporary dam, installed to replace the collapsed one, was also washed away by the stormy waters of the Kuban river.

“The Krasnodar region is the major region of Russia for the cultivation of rice. Last year, it harvested about 850 thousand tons. The dam collapse may cause rice cultivation difficulties on about half of the sown area in the region,” Fertilizer Daily commented.

This accident may have an even greater impact on sown areas in the Krasnodar region. However, it can be balanced by the resumption of rice cultivation in Crimea after an eight-year break caused by the blockade of the North Crimean Canal by the Ukrainian authorities.

“In 2022, we can expect a rice harvest in Crimea of about 4.7-5 thousand tons,” Fertilizer Daily admits. “It’s also possible to increase the rice yield in Dagestan to 130 thousand tons against 119 thousand tons in 2021 and in the Primorsky region to 35-40 thousand tons compared to 20 thousand tons last year.”

Among other reasons that can also negatively affect the rice harvest in Russia is low temperature because it’s a heat-loving crop and an insufficient amount of water, or its excess.

“Rice is also sensitive to the application of mineral fertilizers but one shouldn’t worry about their shortage. According to the Russian Fertilizer Producers Association (RFPA), in early May, the domestic farmers are provided with fertilizers by 63% of the planned annual demand,” Fertilizer Daily said.

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