Russia canceled export quota for diammonium phosphate

Russian government has canceled export quotas for diammonium phosphate, sodium nitrate and calcium and ammonium nitrate. The limitation of their exports wasn’t extended due to low demand of domestic farmers.

This week, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree extending the export quotas for nitrogen and complex fertilizers until December 31, 2022. The quotas introduced last year were valid until May 31. In June, due to a lack of demand on the domestic market, which will be actively growing no earlier than July, Russian fertilizer producers received an opportunity to export some of their products.

In 2H2022, the export quota for ammonium nitrate is 1.86 million tons, carbamide – 5.1 million tons, carbamide-ammoniac compound – 1.36 million tons, NPK fertilizers – 3.55 million tons, monoammonium phosphate – 1.8 million tons, sulfoammophos – 584.5 thousand tons.

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