BioConsortia will register two new nematicides

The American company BioConsortia has applied for the registration of two new nematicides, completing their testing on corn and other crops.

Nematodes are roundworms that have a negative effect on plant roots: they inhibit the absorption of water and nutrients. As a result, the world’s agriculture loses 7-15% of crop yields or $157 billion a year.

Nematicides are natural organic substances that fight nematodes. Research conducted by BioConsortia has shown that their two new nematicides can cope with 14 nematodes and increase the yield of corn and wheat by 15.8%.

“These are the best nematicides we have seen in terms of efficiency on cultivated crops. Now we are implementing them into our production,” said Hong Zhu, Head of Research and Development at BioConsortia.

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