Sowings of spring crops in the Smolensk region reached 164 thousand hectares

In 2022, the area under spring crops in the Smolensk region increased by 3.7% to almost 164 thousand hectares, said the head of the region Alexei Ostrovsky.

According to his statement, the area under spring rapeseed is over 13 thousand hectares, potatoes – 1.7 thousand hectares, fiber flax – 4.2 hectares, open ground vegetables – 224 hectares.

“I approved the target indicators for each municipality in the form of task plans. Heads of districts bear personal responsibility for their implementation on the ground. Unfortunately, operational monitoring shows that not all districts have coped with the plans for spring sowing, sowing grain crops, spring rapeseed, and fiber flax. At the same time, we don’t see any justified reasons that would explain their non-fulfillment in these municipalities. Moreover, I believe that we have all the necessary resources, both financial in the form of proposed state support measures, and organizational, to fulfill the plans,” said Alexei Ostrovsky.

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