EuroChem calls on the European Commission for clarity

Russian producers of mineral fertilizers are still experiencing difficulties in their exports: even though the European Union authorities assured that sanctions will not be applied to transactions with the purchasing of mineral fertilizers, many foreign importers are still afraid to work with companies whose shareholders are subject to personal sanctions of the European Union.

“Although the European Union, the United Nations and the United States have declared the need to guarantee food security in the face of an impending crisis, in reality, many mineral fertilizer producers, including EuroChem, continue to experience daily difficulties associated with excessive law-abiding counterparties who are afraid to violate sanctions,” said EuroChem in its statement, the founder of which, Andrey Melnichenko and his wife Alexandra Melnichenko, have been included in the European Union’s sanctions list.

EuroChem asks the European Commission to provide more specific clarifications to remove concerns when interacting with Russian producers of mineral fertilizers.

“We call on the European Commission to inform member states that all participants in the food and fertilizer sectors, including EuroChem, are not subject to the European sanctions, and that local authorities, banks, suppliers and other counterparties are free to do business with any individuals and organizations in these sectors without the risk of breaking the law – just as they did before the sanctions,” said Samir Brikho, Chairman of the Board of Directors of EuroChem.

Source: Interfax

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