Russia may ban seed imports from US and EU

Russia may soon ban seed imports from the United States and the European Union as its response to the sanctions imposed by the Western countries. The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia has already called on the regional bodies of the agro-industrial complex to get prepared for a possible cessation of the import of seeds from unfriendly countries.

The state authorities are currently discussing a plan for the purchase of sunflower seeds of Russian selection by the domestic farmers. In general, Russia imports up to 97% of sugar beet seeds, 77% of sunflower seeds, and 30% of potatoes.

“Restrictions on the imports from the European Union and the United States, together with state support for seed production, will gradually help to completely replace foreign planting material with domestic ones and increase the agro-technological security of Russia,” commented the information and analytical service of Fertilizer Daily.

Source: Kommersant

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