Uralchem and Innopraktika will launch new bioprotein production

Uralchem ​​and Innopraktika intend to jointly launch the production of bioprotein using methane, said Dmitry Zaitsev, Deputy Executive Director at Innopraktika.

“We are designing a pilot production, which will be a single module of the future plant,” Dmitry Zaitsev said. “During 2023, we will carry out the construction and supply of equipment, and the commissioning is scheduled for the first half of 2024.”

Based on the results of its operation, partners will consider creating a full-fledged enterprise with a capacity of 15-50 thousand tons of bioprotein per year.

The bioprotein manufacturing technology consists in supplying methane and oxygen to a reactor with a nutrient medium. The result is biomass that is almost entirely protein. The biomass is then concentrated, inactivated, dried, and packaged.

Source: Interfax

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