Carbamide prices decreased in Europe

The European Union reports a decrease in price for mineral fertilizers on its market. For example, in France, carbamide is sold for 630 euros per 1 ton, while in Germany it’s still more expensive – 780 euros per 1 ton.

At the same time, calcium ammonium nitrate in Germany sold for 620 euros per 1 ton, although in early October it cost 760 euros. Carbamide-ammoniac compound this month has fallen in price from 690 to 660 euros and diammonium phosphate – from 910 to 800 euros.

“The decline in prices for mineral fertilizers is due to weak demand for them in the European Union: its farmers, who previously faced a sharp rise in the price of fuel, plant protection products, and mineral fertilizers, have reduced purchases of the latter. Under these conditions, traders were forced to start “cutting” price lists,” commented the information and analytical service of Fertilizer Daily. “However, in the short term, prices for mineral fertilizers may change their course, as the farmers of the European Union, taking advantage of the emerging market conditions, may increase purchases.”

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