New phosphorus fertilizer producer from South Africa appears on the market

The South African company Afrimat is implementing the Glenover project, the target of which is the extraction of vermiculite and apatite and the following extraction of rare earth metals.

“Apatites are quite scarce in South Africa, and they are in demand for the production of phosphorus fertilizers. The vermiculite market turned out to be larger than we expected,” said Andries van Heerden, CEO of Afrimat.

As of today, the first batches of apatite raw materials have been mined as part of the Glenover project, and a plant for the production of superphosphate is currently under construction. Its commissioning is scheduled for July or August this year.

In the future, Afrimat plans to launch the production of NPK fertilizers for the needs of African farmers.

Afrimat acquired the Glenover project in 2021 for $34.3 million.

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