Pesticide prices should fall according to Avgust

Mikhail Danilov, General Director of the Avgust company, stated that pesticide prices in the 2023 agricultural season should be 10–20% lower than in the previous one. There are no reasons for an increase in the cost of chemical plant protection products yet.

Foreign players have not left the Russian market, while at the same time, domestic companies have increased production capacity, competition between fertilizer suppliers persists, and the shortage of active ingredients has been overcome.

Mikhail Danilov emphasized that the main factor in the growth in the cost of plant protection products last year was not the sanctions and the difficulties associated with them in financial calculations and breaks in the usual supply chains, but the consequences of the energy crisis that began in China in September 2021 and then spread to Europe. According to the expert, the increase in pesticide prices in 2022 was 30-40% in annual terms.

Mikhail Danilov believes that all major pesticide producers are ready for the agricultural season. There should be no problems with plant protection.

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