Meristem’s new fertilizer technology promises savings for farmers

Meristem Crop Performance Group has announced that its UPSHIFT C fertilizer, which is based on ETHER Technology, may save farmers over $25mn this year as farmers across the Corn Belt adopt the new solution. Mitch Eviston, the firm’s founder and CEO, revealed that the company has already surpassed sales covering two million acres in its first full year. This will facilitate the replacement of at least 10 million gallons of liquid fertilizer, cutting costs by half and generating substantial savings for the farming community. “We’re offering a first-of-its-kind starter system that not only significantly reduces costs but also increases the availability of plant-ready phosphorus at planting time,” said Eviston.

UPSHIFT C utilizes a unique formulation that combines enzymes with a 12-58-0 dry soluble, enhancing plant nutrition and microbial activity, which in turn accelerates plant growth. This method has shown to be more efficient and cost effective than traditional liquid starters, with field research across 10 states in the Corn Belt indicating a near-perfect win rate against the commonly used 10-34-0 starter, with yield improvements ranging from 1 to 7-plus bushels per acre.

Farmers like Eric Mohr from Hancock County, Indiana, have witnessed first-hand the benefits of switching to UPSHIFT C. “The UPSHIFT acres were visibly ahead of the 10-34-0 treated ones, showing better nutrient uptake and ultimately yielding five bushels more per acre,” Mohr explained. This increase in yield, coupled with the reduced cost per acre, highlights the significant ROI that UPSHIFT C offers.

Moreover, the dry soluble nature of UPSHIFT C not only facilitates easier handling and application but also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing the need for diesel fuel in transportation. According to Troy Jangula, a farmer managing several thousand acres near Napoleon, North Dakota, the switch to UPSHIFT C has been seamless, with no observed drawbacks and consistent or improved results at half the cost.

Meristem’s initiative reflects its broader mission to minimize waste in the distribution channel, offering a more sustainable and efficient solution for plant nutrition that benefits both farmers and the environment. As more farmers adopt UPSHIFT C, the impact on agricultural practices and economic efficiencies is expected to grow, marking a significant step forward in the industry’s ongoing evolution.

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