LG CNS deploys satellite technology for AI-driven smart farming

Space communications satellite in low orbit around the Earth. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

LG CNS Co., a subsidiary of South Korea’s technology giant LG Corp., has launched a state-of-the-art smart farm that uses satellite imagery to enhance agricultural management. The company announced on Thursday that this new AI-powered farm is now fully operational.

Located in Naju’s Bannam-myeon district, the farm covers approximately 543,000 square meters, an area comparable to 76 soccer fields. This venture is in collaboration with South Korea’s South Jeolla Province and the country’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs.

The newly established smart farm utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to automate various farming operations. These technologies enable the use of unmanned tractors and rice transplanters, significantly reducing the need for manual labor.

The farm’s intelligent system is designed to analyze soil conditions to accurately determine the necessary types and amounts of fertilizers. Additionally, it incorporates weather data to optimize the timing and volume of irrigation, ensuring efficient water usage.

By employing satellite imagery, the platform can assess vegetation indexes, which measure plant health based on the light they reflect. This capability allows for early detection of pest infestations and facilitates timely intervention with appropriate control measures.

Further integrating technology into farming, the smart farm uses drones, CCTV, and weather data to predict future crop yields and market prices. An innovative feature of this farm is the Digital Scarecrow service, which uses lasers and specific frequencies to deter birds and other animals from damaging the crops. This integration of multiple technologies not only enhances crop protection but also aims to boost overall agricultural productivity.

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