Syngenta and InstaDeep team up to advance crop seed traits using AI

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Syngenta Seeds has announced a partnership with AI firm InstaDeep. This collaboration combines Syngenta’s advanced trait research and development capabilities with InstaDeep’s innovative Large Language Model (LLM) platform, aiming to speed up the development of new crop traits that provide solutions to farmers.

InstaDeep has introduced AgroNT1, a cutting-edge language model trained on trillions of nucleotides from agriculturally relevant crop species. This model is designed to decode the complex language of genetic codes, offering a novel approach to understanding how genes are regulated. By leveraging this technology, the collaboration seeks to enable unprecedented control over crop traits and enhance overall crop performance.

The initial focus of the partnership will be on AI-mediated trait design for corn and soybean crops, combining Syngenta’s R&D capabilities with InstaDeep’s AI technology to bring valued solutions to the agricultural sector.

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