University of Saskatchewan appoints new chair in regenerative agriculture

The University of Saskatchewan (USask) has announced Dr. Kate Congreves as the new Jarislowsky and BMO Chair in Regenerative Agriculture. This significant appointment supports pioneering research aimed at enhancing food security through sustainable agricultural practices.

Dr. Congreves, an esteemed academic in sustainable agriculture, will spearhead initiatives to integrate regenerative practices across Canadian farms, enhancing both environmental and production metrics. “This role affords a unique opportunity to advance regenerative agriculture principles that can significantly impact our ecological footprint while bolstering food production,” said Dr. Congreves.

The creation of this chair was made possible by a generous $4 million endowment, including contributions from the Jarislowsky Foundation and BMO, alongside funds from the USask Greystone Heritage Trust. This endowment will expand USask’s capacity to conduct critical research and foster educational initiatives in this vital field.

Stephen Jarislowsky, president of the Jarislowsky Foundation, emphasized the foundation’s commitment to a sustainable future. “The research and advancements in sustainable farming practices are vital for the ecological and food production challenges we face globally,” he noted.

Allison Hakomaki, Head of Agriculture at BMO, highlighted the importance of this initiative: “Our support for this chair underscores our commitment to the resilience and future of our agricultural sector, ensuring that Canada remains a leader in sustainable and innovative farming.”

Over her five-year term, Dr. Congreves will focus on sustainable nitrogen management, a crucial element in reducing the environmental impact of agriculture while maintaining crop productivity. Her research will also explore the diversification of cropping systems, aiming to optimize the nitrogen cycle for more sustainable soil management.

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