Tidal Grow AgriScience wins USDA grant to expand regenerative fertilizer production

Tidal Grow AgriScience, a branch of Tidal Vision Products Inc., has secured a significant boost from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) through the Fertilizer Production Expansion Program (FPEP). This grant will allow the company to expand its production facilities in Texas and Washington, effectively tripling its capacity to produce bioactive carbon-based fertilizers, including the popular Oceanic and SeaPhos brands.

This expansion reflects a broader national effort to support climate-smart agricultural practices. The USDA’s investment is geared toward meeting the rising demand for domestically produced resilient and effective fertilizers, offering a sustainable alternative amid global supply chain disruptions.

Norm Davy, Chief Commercial Officer at Tidal Grow AgriScience, emphasized the importance of this development for American farmers, who are increasingly in need of innovative solutions to enhance soil and plant health. The company’s fertilizers, which are derived from up-cycled waste from the seafood industry, aim to address some of the most pressing challenges in agriculture today.

Tom Robeson, Vice President of Manufacturing at Tidal Grow, highlighted that the proprietary cold-processed fertilizers not only improve nutrient uptake but also enhance soil health through marine-based nutrients such as omega lipids and amino-acid nitrogen, alongside vital soluble nutrients like phosphorus and calcium.

Construction of a new facility in Orange, Texas, will commence immediately. This strategic location and the existing Washington facility were chosen to optimize the company’s supply chain for efficient national distribution.

In response to growing market demand, Tidal Vision plans to invest over $10 million in capital growth over the next three to five years to further enhance its manufacturing capabilities and introduce new technologies to the market. This initiative marks a significant step in advancing sustainable agricultural practices across the United States.

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