In September 2015, Head of State Alexander Lukashenko and Chairman of the Board of Directors Slavkali Mikhail Gutseriev solemnly laid the capsule to mark the start of construction of the Nezhinsky Mining and Processing Plant

With the personal support of the President of the Republic of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, a large investor, an experienced industrialist, and a talented entrepreneur came to the Belarusian potash market. Mikhail Gutseriev, who has vast experience in creating “from scratch” powerful industrial and financial structures and effectively managing them. It is natural that he, who created dozens of enterprises and hundreds of jobs, was entrusted with implementing the most ambitious investment project in the history of independent Belarus – the construction of the Nezhinsky mining and processing plant on the basis of the Starobinsky potassium salt deposit

Key figure: Mikhail Gutseriev
Founded: 2015 | Number of employees: