Paradeep Phosphates to expand phosphoric acid production

The Indian company Paradeep Phosphates (part of the Adventz Group) has selected a contractor to expand its phosphoric acid plant, which is based on the dihydrate technology.

The management of Paradeep Phosphates intends to increase the phosphoric acid production at the enterprise from 1 thousand tons to 1.4 thousand tons per day. The capacity expansion project is planned to be implemented within 22 months from the effective date of the contract.

“The setting up of this phosphoric acid plant is aligned with our plans for expanding our footprint in the phosphatic fertilizer industry,” said Ranjit Chugh, COO of Paradeep Phosphates.
The phosphoric acid is shipped from the plant to a neighboring fertilizer plant (which also belongs to Paradeep Phosphates) to produce diammonium phosphate.

Besides, Paradeep Phosphates is currently revamping its complex fertilizer plant.

Phosphorus fertilizers are one of the most important groups of agrochemicals.

Source: The Economic Times

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