About a hundred new fertilizers developed in Belarus

Belarusian scientists have created 84 new forms of complex fertilizers, said Vitaly Lapa, director of the Institute of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

“In the world, about 70% of the total volume of fertilizer used are complex. Our institute has developed 84 new forms of such fertilizers for almost all crops that are grown in Belarus. They are balanced in the content of the main macro- and microelements. They are 8-10% more expensive than the equivalent dose of simple forms containing one primary nutrient,” he explained.

Complex fertilizers in Belarus are produced by the Gomel Chemical Plant. “In total, 466 thousand tons of these fertilizers have produced at the plant. This is a good volume, but still insufficient to satisfy the needs of the entire agriculture. In some years, we used to use 100% of complex fertilizers for flax, winter rapeseed and sugar beets, but they are also necessary for other crops,” said Vitaly Lapa.

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