Dmitry Mazepin made the statement regarding Belarus events

Dmitry Mazepin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Uralchem, has appealed on behalf of the Russian-Belarusian Business Council. It says:

“Dear friends!

We are anxiously watching the latest events in our native Belarus. Many of us were born and raised here, our relatives and friends still live here. In Russia, our concern is shared by almost the entire population: leaders of business, culture, art, and public associations.

Because of the tough political struggle, blood is being spilled in the sister republic. The opposing sides do not hear each other’s reasonable arguments. The situation becomes even more complicated since the protests are scattered, and there is no obvious leader. Oficial authorities simply have no one to conduct an effective dialogue with.

The first thing we call on the leaders of Belarus is to immediately stop the senseless bloodshed, stop violence against peaceful citizens! The second call addressed to the Belarusian elite, businessmen and politicians: it’s necessary to form the national rescue committee, which, on behalf of the population, will be able to talk with the authorities as equals.

On behalf of the Russian and Belarusian business, we appeal to President Alexander Lukashenko with a request to admit the obvious facts of protest tension in society. Without wasting time, take place at the table of peaceful negotiations, which should show the way out of political instability.

This opportunity may soon become the only one, so it shouldn’t be missed.

We appeal to the leaders of the Russian Federation: do not stand off the conflict resolution process in Belarus to avoid the destruction of the union state of fraternal people in the heat of an irreconcilable senseless struggle.

For our part, we are ready to exert every effort, including the potential of the Russian-Belarusian Business Council as a possible platform for peaceful negotiations.

People need nor revolutions, nor civil wars. Today is not too late to stop this irreversible process! It’s only up to those who sincerely love Belarus and Russia.”

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