Scientists discover nitrogen fertilizers to be destroying the climate

The growing use of nitrogen fertilizers in agriculture leads to an increase in global emissions of nitrous oxide (a greenhouse gas). That makes it more difficult to prevent climate change on the planet. In recent years, the best efforts were focused on reducing carbon dioxide and methane emissions.

“We pay significantly less attention to nitrous oxide in climate issues, and there are not many ways to limit its emissions, therefore, they continue expanding,” said Glen Peters, a Climatologist at the Center for International Climate Research.

The scientists analyzed the nitrous oxide emissions on the planet between 1980 and 2016. It turned out that more than half of the anthropogenic emissions of nitrous oxide happen in agriculture, and over the indicated 36 years, it was growing by an average 1.4% per year.

While nitrogen fertilizers are essential for increasing crop yields and improving food security around the world, they can also cause environmental problems. Rational use of nitrogen fertilizers can help to reduce nitrous oxide emissions.

Source: Reuters

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