LNZ Group will introduce new agrochemicals to the market

Next year, the Ukrainian LNZ Group plans to add nine new micronutrients to its portfolio of plant protection agents sold under the Defenda brand. They will be used with the field, vegetable, and fruit and berry crops.

“The peculiarity of the new line of fertilizers lies in the balanced composition of micro and macro elements, which are easily absorbed by plants,” noted Dmytro Solomoniuk, Director of development of regional offices LNZ Group.

Seven of the new micronutrients are liquid, the other two are crystalline. They are created by the LNZ Group.

“Micronutrients are one of the most effective means, which influence crop productivity and product quality. The lack of microelements leads to plant diseases and a significant decrease in the yield,” said Dmytro Solomoniuk.

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