Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers launched a unique production

Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers (part of Uralchem) has launched a new line for the production of water-soluble monoammonium phosphate. Its capacity is 50 thousand tons per year.

The author and developer of the project is the Chief Engineer of the enterprise Ivan Kislyak. His innovative ideas and solutions helped to improve several production processes, as well as to dramatically reduce project implementation costs and the time to put the new line into operation. Ivan Kislyak has also developed a unique single-stage crystallization system, which has no analogs in the world. The large-scale investment project was completed in 11 months.

“The new line was commissioned in the ammophos workshop No.1. The production of NPKS-fertilizers with a capacity of up to 200 thousand tons per year will soon be launched on the same site,” noted Ivan Kislyak. “The created scheme for the production of water-soluble monoammonium phosphate will increase the output of the most marginal product from 45 to 95 thousand tons per year and, accordingly, significantly increase the company’s profit. This, in turn, will enable the plant to proceed actively develop and modernize production and expand the range of products.”

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