NLMK breaks into agriculture

Novolipetsk Steel (part of NLMK Group) has begun supplies of granular ammonium sulfate. The first consignments have been already shipped to the Kursk Agro-Industrial company to use as a grain crop feeding during the spring period.

The properties of granular ammonium sulfate allow farmers to simultaneously apply fertilizers and sow seeds, which increases the efficiency of the used equipment. The absence of dusting provides a high speed and uniformity of fertilization into the soil, which increases the uniformity of crops growing.

NLMK is the only ammonium sulfate producer in the Central Black Earth region. The product is obtained at a new complex of capturing and purifying coke gases, which was launched in 2019. The best available technologies capture 100% ammonium sulfate dust.

The granulation of ammonium sulfate is carried out by the partner of NLMK. However, NLMK is considering the possibility of building its own granulation facilities in the future.

Source: Vesti-Lipetsk

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